• Competent
    Competent Outsource your accounting to our qualified financial team. Focus your time on what really matters: growing your business.
  • cost-effective
    cost-effective The average annual cost of an entry-level accountant is more than $49,000*. With HSBS, you get an entire financial team for a fraction of the cost of hiring internally.
  • Customized
    Customized Large or small, start-up or established, your needs are unique. HSBS customizes services to work most efficiently in YOUR environment.

Your Solution

Huntington Small Business Solutions provides outsourced accounting and corporate office solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. We become a part of your team, offering a cost-effective alternative to headcount.

Right Fit
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Your HSBS Team

Working with HSBS, you get a team of professionals, including senior-level accountants, staff accountants, CPAs, payroll experts, and administrative professionals.  When it is time to hire your first financial professional, it is difficult to determine who to hire first.  With HSBS, you get a whole team working with you to help you facilitate success in your business.



Full-Service Financial Team

HSBS will put together the financial team that best suits your business. 

Month-End Accounting

You manage your day-to-day activities, then hand off the paperwork to HSBS each month.

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Other Services

From business set up services, to payroll and income tax services, HSBS can support your business no matter what level of assistance you need.

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About HSBS

Founded with the entrepreneur in mind, HSBS has evolved into the premier accounting service provider of small and mid-sized businesses.

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